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News and Events

27 November 2023 | AIXSciences Jena (Jena, Germany)
20 and 21 November 2023 | Digital Summit 2023 (Jena, Germany)
22 October 2023 | AI for Climate Risk Mitigation Navigating Opportunities and Challenges at WCRP Open Science Conference (Kigali, Rwanda)
27 September 2023 | 2nd ELLIS Unit Jena co-hosted United Nations Webinar Series
15 August 2023 | Welcoming Our Third ELLIS PhD Candidate, George Blougouras!
1 August 2023 | Colloquium and welcome ceremony for the Carl Zeiss Foundation funded research group leader Dr. Shijie Jiang and PhD candidate George Blougouras (Jena, Germany)
5-7 July 2023 | AI4Good Global Summit (Geneva, Switzerland)
1 Feb 2023 | ELLIS Unit Jena co-hosted United Nations Webinar Series
12 Jan 2023 | Kick-off event ELLIS Unit Jena (Jena, Germany)
18 Oct 2022 | “AI is mighty and efficient for this” ELLIS program director Prof Dr. Markus Reichstein and Gustau Camps-Valls interviewed by ELLIS
7 Sep 2022 | Vitus Benson is accepted as ELLIS PhD Student. Vitus will be co-supervised by ELLIS member Fanny Yang, ETH Zurich
30 June 2022 | ELLIS Unit Jena in the Friedrich Schiller University Jena - Annual Report 2021-2022
5 Nov 2021 | ELLIS continues to grow: four new units in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom
11 Dec 2021 | Establishment of the ELLIS unit Jena

Our team kicks off the 1-minute video campaign in style! @blougouras_g Understand the drivers of hydrological drought across spatial and temporal scales. #exciting #AI #ml @MPI_BGC @ELLISforEurope

Exciting opportunity for young minds!

Bring your kids to Joachim Denzler’s (@CvJena) free lecture on AI for school kids (1st-4th grade) at Carl-Zeiß-Str. 3, Lecture Hall 6, on Dec 1, at 3:00 PM.

Explore the wonders of AI and inspire curiosity together! 🧠👦👧 #KinderUni

Harnessing AI’s potential for a greener tomorrow – a key message for #COP28. Insights from @ITU #AIforGood Discovery tracks led by @PhilipStier @DWatsonParris @Reichstein_BGC @Maria_Piles + Gustau Camps-Valls, Joachim Denzler, Conrad H. Philipp

We are looking for a PhD candidate🎓 on “Machine Learning for Improved Representation and Understanding of Irrigation in Earth System Models”🌾💧🌍 in our IMPRS program https://www.bgc-jena.mpg.de/imprs/applications/imprs2024jan/projectdescriptions_outputone.php?PN=B3

Associated with @Ellis_Unit_Jena. Contact me if interested in #AI #MachineLearning 😉

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