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The goal of the ELLIS Unit Jena is thus to combine fundamental development in machine learning with challenges concerning spatio-temporal environmental and climate dynamics for a better understanding of the Earth system and its components. The ELLIS unit Jena is involving two research institutions and the university at the interface between climate/environmental science and machine learning with an emphasis on scientific knowledge integration in and knowledge generation from machine learning approaches. A keyaspect is the integration of knowledge into machine learning methods as appropriate assumptions – this can be qualitative knowledge about causal relationships („causal modeling“) or quantitative knowledge about functional relationships, which can be „cast“ into physical, chemical, biological or geo-ecological formulas („hybrid modeling”). The ELLIS unit Jena will also strive to help Artificial Intelligence (AI) to best serve sustainable development via links to politics, business and civil society.

ELLIS is the European excellence network “European Lab for Learning and Intelligent Systems”. ELLIS was created in 2018 as a result of a movement of the European scientific and research community in Artificial Intelligence, with the aim of placing our continent on the forefront of excellent research in artificial intelligence.

Latest updates

12 Jan 2023 | Kick-off event ELLIS Unit Jena
18 Oct 2022 | “AI is mighty and efficient for this” ELLIS program director Prof Dr. Markus Reichstein and Gustau Camps-Valls interviewed by ELLIS
21 Sep 2022 | ELLIS PhD program is a key pillar of the ELLIS initiative
7 Sep 2022 | Vitus Benson is accepted as ELLIS PhD Student. Vitus will be co-supervised by ELLIS member Fanny Yang, ETH Zurich

Prof. Dr. Markus Reichstein presenting the ELLIS Unit Jena (1:42 min)