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Jan Blunk
PhD candidate in the Computer Vision Group, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Jan is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in the Computer Vision Group at FSU Jena under the guidance of Prof. Joachim Denzler. Having completed his master’s degree in computer science at FSU Jena in 2023, his research centers on uncovering biases inherent in machine learning models and integrating robust domain knowledge into them.His primary objective is automating the identification of biases to enhance model reliability. Jan’s interests also extend into the realm of knowledge integration, where he focuses on integrating domain knowledge into models by guiding them towards reliable, well-studied features.In addition to his research activities, Jan actively engages in teaching and supporting various courses on computer vision and machine learning at FSU Jena.

Phone: +49  3641 94-6335
Mail: jan.blunk@uni-jena.de
List of Publications: Google Scholar