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United Nations webinar series – AI for Earth and Sustainability Science

The AI for Earth and Sustainability Science webinar series highlights in his 2nd round from 27 September 2023 until 28 February 2024 every second Wednesday seminal and recent progress in AI-enabled modelling and understanding of the Earth system from local to global scale and AI-science based diagnosis, prediction and remedy of environmental crises. Interdisciplinary researchers from academia, industry, UN and government agencies as well as NGOs will talk about tackling systemic real-world challenges with AI, including disaster risk reduction and preparedness, environmental degradation, climate change, societal impacts and dynamics, and the sustainable and responsible use of natural resources such as water and energy.

The webinar series is co-curated by Prof. Dr. Markus Reichstein, Prof. Dr. Joachim Denzler, Prof. Dr. Gustau Camps-Valls, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maria Piles and is hosted on the United Nation’s platform AI for Good at the International Telecommunications Union.

The webinar series is designed for AI professional, researcher, or simply passionate about sustainability to broaden their understanding of how AI can address environmental challenges.

The eleven talks of the first webinar series (February until May 2023) and all upcoming lectures can be followed live and will be saved online.


Prof. Dr. Markus Reichstein
Prof. Dr. Gustau Camps-Valls
Dr. Maria Piles
Prof. Dr. Joachim Denzler
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