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Gideon Stein
PhD candidate in the Computer Vision Group, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Gideon is a PhD candidate in the Computer Vision Group at FSU Jena, led by Prof. Joachim Denzler. He completed his master’s in Machine Learning at ITMO University in 2020, specializing in Reinforcement Learning and NLP. In cooperation with the German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research (idiv), his doctoral research focuses on developing and leveraging causal inference methods for large-scale ecological time series data. Specifically, he aims to understand the complex relationships between plant, soil, and climate variables. In addition, he is working on developing mathematical models and understanding the causal drivers of large-scale infrastructure, such as dams, via remote sensing technologies. His work is highly interdisciplinary and combines machine learning, time series analysis, ecology, and climatic drivers to understand systems where mere statistical associations are insufficient to understand causal relationships properly.

Phone: +49 176-45651723
Mail: gideon.stein@uni-jena.de
List of Publications: Google Schol

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